Moving fragile items

Packing fragile items for a local move requires careful attention to detail to make sure they get to your new location. While you can pack fragile items yourself, hiring professional movers offers several advantages, including experience with delicate items.They can also provide specialized packing materials – read more at the Florida movers website. If you want to pack yourself, you’ll need materials:

  • Sturdy boxes – strong, corrugated cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes. Small and medium boxes prevent overloading.
  • Packing paper or bubble wrap – to provide cushioning and protection from impacts.
  • Packing peanuts for stuffing – bubble wrap, peanuts and similar cushioning materials will fill empty spaces in boxes and prevent items from shifting.
  • Packing tape – to seal boxes and add strength to the bottom and sides.
  • Marker – to mark the box with the contents, destination room and to clearly indicate that it contains fragile items.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you can use our packing guide:

Identify fragile or breakable items such as glassware, china, ceramics and delicate electronics.

Wrap each fragile item individually with packing paper or bubble wrap. Pay special attention to delicate parts such as handles or spouts. For glassware, consider using mesh drawers or dividers inside the box so each piece is separated and protected.

Place a layer of packing peanuts or crumpled paper in the bottom of the box for cushioning. Arrange the wrapped items in the box, ensuring that they fit snugly without being too tight. Fill any gaps between items with extra packing material to prevent shifting during transit. If you have more fragile items to pack, add another layer of packing material and repeat the process.

Seal the box securely with packing tape. Reinforce the bottom of each box with packing tape to provide extra support. Clearly label each box with the contents and indicate that it contains fragile items.

If the process seems too bothersome for you, consider hiring professional movers – there are benefits of hiring them to handle fragile items:

  1. Professional movers have experience and expertise in packing fragile items efficiently. They are trained to handle delicate items with care, minimizing the risk of damage.
  2. The movers use specialized packing materials designed for fragile items, including custom boxes, foam padding, and cushioning materials. This provides optimal protection during transit.
  3. Many professional moving companies offer insurance coverage for the items they pack. In the rare event that something is actually damaged, you may be eligible for compensation.
  4. Professional movers work efficiently, saving you time and effort. They can also assist with unpacking at your new location, ensuring that fragile items are carefully unwrapped and placed in designated areas.
  5. Teams can provide custom solutions for particularly delicate or valuable items. They can use wooden crates or other specialized packing methods to ensure maximum protection.
  6. Moving can be a stressful process. Hiring specialists to handle fragile items reduces the risk of breakage and alleviates the stress associated with packing and moving delicate items.


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