Summer Nails 28 Ideas: Acrylic Colors & Designs to Dazzle This Season

As summer approaches, the excitement to flaunt vibrant and eye-catching nail designs reaches new heights. Acrylic nails serve as the perfect canvas for expressing personal style through stunning colors and intricate designs. This article is your comprehensive guide to the most fashionable summer nails, exploring the latest trends in acrylic colors and designs that are sure to turn heads.

Lavender Longing

As the warm breeze of summer whispers through the air, our nail choices become an expression of the season’s vibrant soul. Take, for instance, this pastel purple that seems to capture the essence of summer blooms in its serene hue. These long acrylic nails are the embodiment of elegance with a playful twist—absolutely classy yet unfailingly simple.

Photo credit by: @minari_manicure_pedicure
  • Consumables: High-gloss purple acrylic, UV finish topcoat
  • Brands: Mistery Milano Long-Lasting Acrylic, Mega Gloss Sealer
  • Opinion: The high-gloss finish perfectly complements the smooth acrylic, giving it a luxurious depth.

Creating this design at home requires patience and precision. Begin with a clean nail base, apply the acrylic carefully, and ensure thorough curing under UV light. For that enviable gloss, a quality topcoat is key.

Neon Contours

If you’re looking to infuse some Neon fun into your style, these bright nails are a bold statement. The vivid green is electrifying, embodying Neon art ideas with a zest that commands attention. It’s a perfect choice for those ready to embrace unique and colorful summer adventures.

Photo credit by: @minari_manicure_pedicure
  • Consumables: Neon green nail polish, precision art brush, matte topcoat.
  • Brands: Electric Lime by Neon Revolution, Matte Finisher by Velvet Coat.
  • Opinion: A matte topcoat juxtaposed with a bright neon base offers an intriguing, eye-catching look.

Creating this neon marvel requires a steady hand. Paint your nails with the neon polish, use the art brush to draw freehand designs, and finish with a matte topcoat for a modern touch.

Ombre Sunrise

Embrace the dawn of summer with nails that reflect the ombre hues of a sunrise. This subtle gradient transitions from a delicate light pink to a cheerful yellow, echoing the warmth and bright energy of the season. It’s a simple, yet classy choice, suited for any summer occasion.

Photo credit by: @latelieroboutdesongles
  • Consumables: Pink and yellow acrylic paints, ombre sponge, topcoat.
  • Brands: Dawn Pink by Pastel Painters, Sunny Yellow by Summer Shades, Crystal Clear Topcoat by Gloss Boss.
  • Opinion: This design offers a fresh take on the French tip, marrying understated elegance with a splash of bright summer sun.

For the DIY enthusiast, paint your nails with the lighter shade, then dab the darker color with a sponge and blend for that perfect sunrise effect.

Sunset French Tips

The French manicure gets a summer makeover with tips dipped in the hues of a beach sunset. This multi-colored design starts with a nude base and flares into a bright orange—a nod to those endless summertime nights.

Photo credit by: @latelieroboutdesongles
  • Consumables: Nude acrylic base, orange acrylic paint, protective topcoat.
  • Brands: Nude Illusion by Natural Nudes, Tangerine Glow by Summer Spectrum, Armor Shine Topcoat by Lasting Lacquer.
  • Opinion: This striking contrast is a daring yet classy way to play with color while keeping the nails looking refined.

Achieving this at home requires a nude base, then carefully painting the tips with the bright orange hue, finishing with a topcoat to ensure durability and shine.

Strawberry Fields

There’s something deliciously unique about nails that tell a story of summer’s sweetest treats. These light pink acrylic nails are kissed with strokes of red and hot pink, crafting a berry-inspired artwork that’s playful and perfect for summertime.

Photo credit by: @latelieroboutdesongles
  • Consumables: Light pink polish, red and hot pink nail paints, fine detail brush, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Whispering Pink by Gentle Tones, Berry Red by Vivid Varnish, Flamingo Pink by Tropical Tints, Glasslike Gloss by Seal & Shine.
  • Opinion: It’s a charming and unique way to carry the joy of summer fruits with you.

To create these at home, start with a light pink base. Use a fine brush to add red and hot pink accents, then seal with a glossy topcoat for a finish as smooth as a strawberry’s surface.

Midnight Matte

As a manicurist, there’s a thrill in working with colors that evoke the mysteries of a summer night, and this matte purple is no exception. Bold and unapologetically unique, these nails are a modern twist on classic elegance—ideal for those who dare to stand out.

Photo credit by: @stylizacjaannahajder
  • Consumables: Matte purple polish, matte topcoat.
  • Brands: Velvet Dreams by Luxe Mattes, Matte Overcoat by CoverFlat.
  • Opinion: The matte finish on a deep purple is a statement—perfect for those who embrace the night’s allure.

To achieve this look, apply two coats of the matte purple polish, followed by a matte topcoat to seal the deal.

Bedazzled Blush

Nothing says unique and classy quite like a nail adorned with sparkling embellishments. Here, the bright pink blush base meets a cascade of crystals, marrying simplicity with a dash of opulence.

Photo credit by: @stylizacjaannahajder
  • Consumables: Blush pink gel polish, rhinestones, gem glue, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Pink Whisper by Gelique, Diamond Sparkle Stones, GemTite Adhesive, SuperGloss Topcoat.
  • Opinion: A simple blush base allows the rhinestones to take center stage, ensuring every gesture glistens with a touch of summer luxury.

Apply the gel polish, set the stones with glue, cure under a lamp, and finish with a topcoat for that Tiffany blue summer sky shine.

Cherry Blossom Charm

These nails, with their pastel blue base and cherry accents, are a sweet nod to summer’s blooming orchards. The playful design is both simple and unique, offering a fresh take on bright seasonal trends.

Photo credit by: @pazybohomazy
  • Consumables: Pastel blue polish, cherry-red and green detail polish, detailing brush.
  • Brands: Sky’s Smile by Pastel Painters, Cherry Pop and Leafy Green by Detailer’s Dream.
  • Opinion: The contrast of the delicate blue with the red cherries captures a summertime joy.

For DIY, start with the pastel base, add cherry details with precision, and seal with a topcoat for a long-lasting, picnic-ready look.

Glitter Gradient

Glitter is a summer staple, and these nails offer a gradient that transitions from solid pink neon to sparkling sand. This design is for the beachgoer who wants to carry the shimmer of the shore with them.

Photo credit by: @pazybohomazy
  • Consumables: Neon pink polish, fine glitter, sponge applicator, topcoat.
  • Brands: Electric Pink by Bright Nights, Sand Sparkle by Glitter Dust, Seal the Sparkle Topcoat.
  • Opinion: A bright pink base with a dusting of glitter is reminiscent of sugar-sand beaches kissed by the summer sun.

Pat the glitter onto the tips using a sponge, creating a fade effect, then lock it in with a glossy topcoat.

Modern Waves

Channeling the serene flow of the ocean, these nails feature bright green and white wave patterns on a simple, sophisticated base. It’s a harmonious blend of nature’s rhythm and Neon art ideas.

Photo credit by: @pazybohomazy
  • Consumables: White and green polish, wave stencil or freehand brush.
  • Brands: Alpine Snow by Classics Collection, Green Envy by Neon Lights, Precision Painter by Fine Lines.
  • Opinion: This look is unique and bold, perfect for those who carry a love for the sea on their fingertips.

Use a stencil or a steady hand to paint the waves, and remember—patience is the key to perfect curves.

Safari Sunset

Here, we venture into the wild with a design that’s as untamed as it is bright and colorful. The tiger stripes roar with a boldness that’s perfectly suited for those Neon fun summer nights, while the minty waves whisper of cool oasis moments amidst the heat.

Photo credit by: @stylizacjaannahajder
  • Consumables: Nude acrylic, orange and black striping polish, mint polish, striping tape.
  • Brands: Bare Beauty by Naturals, Jungle Roar by Wild Colors, Mint Breeze by Summer Mints.
  • Opinion: This combination of bright and simple design elements captures the duality of summer’s fierce energy and its refreshing moments.

For a DIY safari adventure, lay down your nude base, use the striping tape to guide your tiger pattern, and freehand the waves for that unique touch of whimsy.

Berry Delight

The bright red of summer berries finds its canvas on these nails. Embellished with delicate dots and a playful bow, they embody the season’s sweet and classy side, ideal for those balmy summertime picnics.

Photo credit by: @kamiimanii
  • Consumables: Red and white gel polish, dotting tool, bow embellishment.
  • Brands: Berry Blast by Reds Supreme, Snow White by Classic Whites, Sweet Accents bow.
  • Opinion: The use of a simple French tip with a twist and the bright red gel offers a timeless yet fresh summer look.

Craft this berry-inspired design at home by applying a red tip, dotting on accents, and affixing a bow for a dash of unique charm.

Leopard Luxe

For those who crave a walk on the wild side, these leopard spots are the embodiment of unique and sophisticated fun. The spots are a nod to the adventurous spirit of summer, pairing well with anything from beach wear to a sleek evening ensemble.

Photo credit by: @kamiimanii
  • Consumables: Nude polish, black and tan spot polish, fine-tipped brush.
  • Brands: Nude Nirvana by Naturale, Ebony Edge and Tan Territory by Animal Instincts.
  • Opinion: The pattern is striking yet neutral, catering to various skin tone preferences and making it a versatile choice.

To emulate this fierce pattern at home, start with a nude base, then with a fine brush, dab on the black and tan spots in random but thoughtful placement.

Abstract Azure

There’s an abstract art to summer, and these nails capture it with their fluid bright blue lines on a clear base. They speak to those who appreciate simple yet bold statements and are perfect for a creative twist on a traditional French manicure.

Photo credit by: @kamiimanii
  • Consumables: Clear acrylic, bright blue polish, detail brush.
  • Brands: Crystal Clear by SeeThrough, Azure Wave by Oceanics.
  • Opinion: This design with its bright blue streaks is an art piece, offering a unique take on summer nails acrylic colors & designs.

Recreate this bright statement by laying down a clear base and painting on the blue streaks with a steady hand for that avant-garde flair.

Dotted Dreams

Infused with the playfulness of bright toe nail designs, this dotted dream is as whimsical as it is classy. The delicate blue dots add a pop of color to the muted pastel base, reminiscent of a clear summertime sky sprinkled with fluffy clouds.

Photo credit by: @nailsbucka
  • Consumables: Pastel pink polish, sky blue dot polish, dotting tool.
  • Brands: Pastel Petals by Soft Shades, Blue Skies by Daydream Dots.
  • Opinion: A simple base with a hint of colorful flair offers a sweetly sophisticated summer style.

The dot design is easily achieved with a dotting tool, perfect for those who love a do-it-yourself project with room for personal flair.

Butterfly Kiss

This design flutters with Neon fun, as playful butterflies dance across a vivid pink neon canvas. It’s a celebration of nature’s delicate creatures, brought to life with a sprinkle of glitz, perfect for those bright, colorful summer days.

Photo credit by: @nailsbucka
  • Consumables: Pink neon gel polish, butterfly decals, rhinestones, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Neon Pink Party by Flashy Fingers, Fantasy Wings by Decal Decor, Gem’s Best Friends by Bling Factor.
  • Opinion: The butterflies add a unique charm that’s both fanciful and sophisticated, and the sparkle of rhinestones captures summer’s sunny disposition.

To recreate, apply your neon base, place decals, accent with rhinestones, and seal with a topcoat for durability and shine.

Floral Sunshine

Sunshine meets flowers in this bright yellow and blue duo. It’s a design that blooms with summer’s exuberance, marrying the joy of sunny days with the calm of blue skies. Ideal for a beach day or a garden party.

Photo credit by: @nailsbucka
  • Consumables: Yellow and blue gel polish, floral stencils or stickers, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Sunflower Yellow by Sunny Shades, Azure Bliss by Oceanic Gels, Garden Variety Stencils.
  • Opinion: This pattern is perfect for anyone looking to embrace a colorful, summertime vibe with a touch of floral finesse.

For home styling, apply the colored base, arrange your stencils or stickers, and finish with a topcoat for a long-lasting, bright look.

Summer Sorbet

Dive into a colorful swirl of bright summer sorbet with these multi-hued, marbled nails. The playful twist of colors captures the spirit of summer treats, creating a unique, bright, and simple manicure that’s a feast for the eyes.

Photo credit by: @pinkspotbeauty_
  • Consumables: Multiple shades of gel polish, marbling tool, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Sorbet Swirl by Gel Delights, Clear as Day Topcoat by Lasting Shine.
  • Opinion: The marbling technique gives each nail a one-of-a-kind look, embodying unique summer fun.

Achieve this look by swirling your chosen colors on the nail with a marbling tool, then sealing with a glossy topcoat for a smooth, candy-like finish.

Classic Crimson

A deep, bright red that exudes confidence and timeless beauty. This nail design speaks to those who hold onto classic summer romance, embellished with a tasteful dash of sparkle for that bright toe-nail effect on your hands.

Photo credit by: @pinkspotbeauty_
  • Consumables: Crimson gel polish, rhinestones, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Classic Love by Eternal Reds, Precision Gems by Crystal Clear, Super Gloss Coat by EverShine.
  • Opinion: The bright red provides a stunning backdrop for the gems, offering an understated yet classy elegance.

Create this iconic look with a crimson base, add rhinestones for emphasis, and apply a topcoat to secure the luxurious finish.

Tropical Artistry

Invoking the vibrancy of tropical flowers, this nail design is an art piece featuring bright and pastel tones with a unique silver accent. It’s a classy celebration of summer’s diverse palette, suitable for those with an artistic streak.

Photo credit by: @verioskanails
  • Consumables: White and multiple pastel gel polishes, silver glitter polish, fine-tipped brush.
  • Brands: Snow Cap by White Wonders, Pastel Parade by Colors of Spring, Silver Spark by Glitter Glam.
  • Opinion: The silver accent adds a modern twist, creating a unique and simple yet colorful statement.

To mimic this tropical canvas, start with a white base, hand-paint the floral design, and highlight with silver glitter.

Speckled Spectrum

Summer is a season of playful experimentation, and this multi-colored, speckled design is a testament to that spirit. Each nail, a different pastel shade, is splattered with a unique constellation of black specks, like a whimsical night sky in bright daylight.

Photo credit by: @verioskanails
  • Consumables: Assorted pastel gel polishes, black splatter polish, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Pastel Party by Colorful Days, Night Specks by Starry Nights, Clear Shine by GlossBoss.
  • Opinion: This look is delightfully simple yet captivating, merging subtle pastel tones with dynamic specks for a unique summer vibe.

To recreate this design, apply your pastel bases, flick on the black specks with a stiff brush, and finish with a glossy topcoat for protection and shine.

Neon Edge

Brighten up your look with this electric neon yellow manicure. The addition of a silver-chrome tip adds a futuristic edge, making for a bright, daring, and undeniably unique summer statement.

Photo credit by: @arturoenrique.gelnails
  • Consumables: Neon yellow polish, silver chrome powder, no-wipe topcoat.
  • Brands: Electric Lemon by Neon Lights, Mirror Finish by Chrome Illusions, Infinity Topcoat by Lasting Layers.
  • Opinion: The combination of neon and metallic accents takes this design from simple to spectacular, ideal for standing out during the summertime.

For a DIY version, apply your neon polish, dab on the chrome powder at the tip, and seal with a topcoat to maintain that metallic gleam.

Fluid Artistry

A fluid mix of bright blue, purple, and green outlines on a translucent base gives a refreshing and artistic twist to the classic French tip design, creating a unique summer look that’s both classy and simple.

Photo credit by:
  • Consumables: Clear acrylic, colored nail art paints, fine liner brush.
  • Brands: Crystal Clear Acrylics, Rainbow Paint Set by Artistic Touch, Liner Pro by Precision Brushes.
  • Opinion: This style is a nod to unique nail artistry, perfect for anyone who appreciates a colorful touch to a transparent base.

Achieving this art at home involves painting clear tips, then carefully drawing the outlines with a fine brush, creating a fluid, colorful design.

Modern Leopard

Here we see a contemporary take on the leopard print, paired with a solid green accent nail for a bright, unique look. This design plays with contrast and texture, perfect for a bold fashion statement or a summertime adventure.

Photo credit by: @zuzana_vrablova_nails
  • Consumables: Nude polish, black and orange spot polishes, green polish, matte topcoat.
  • Brands: Nude Elegance by Naturale, Onyx Spots by Wild Patterns, Green Envy by Vivid Shades.
  • Opinion: The matte finish amplifies the sophistication of the animal print, making it suitable for any occasion.

To replicate this, start with a nude base, add spots with the dotting tool, paint one nail green for contrast, and finish with a matte topcoat.

Lilac Dream

The pastel lilac of this design brings a touch of dreamy calm, offering a simple yet classy summer nail choice. It pairs effortlessly with any outfit, evoking the soft hues of a summer sunset.

Photo credit by: @nailart.kate
  • Consumables: Lilac polish, high-gloss topcoat.
  • Brands: Lilac Love by Pastel Pleasures, Mega Shine by Glossy Finishes.
  • Opinion: A simple one-color application that achieves a unique and classy elegance perfect for those balmy evenings.

This serene look can be achieved by applying two coats of pastel lilac and sealing it with a topcoat for a shiny, durable finish.

Pastel Parade

A soft parade of pastel hues graces these nails, creating a candy-colored spectrum that’s undeniably summertime. Each finger offers a different shade, reminiscent of summer’s diverse palette of bright, sunny skies and creamy melon slices.

Photo credit by: @nails.simonapatsch
  • Consumables: A selection of pastel polishes, high-gloss topcoat.
  • Brands: Spring Pastels by Seasonal Hues, Ultra Shine Topcoat by Durable Gloss.
  • Opinion: This array is simple yet effective, a unique approach that’s sure to complement any skin tone with its gentle pop of color.

For DIY nail artists, apply each pastel shade to a different nail and finish with a topcoat to enhance the colors and add durability.

Green Waves

Emerald waves flow on a single accent nail, while the rest bask in the uniformity of a lush green garden. The bright green design against a soft pink background creates a striking contrast, perfect for those looking to make a statement with their summertime manicure.

Photo credit by: @nails.simonapatsch
  • Consumables: Green polish, pink polish, marbling tool, no-wipe topcoat.
  • Brands: Green Thumb by Nature’s Palette, Baby Pink by Tender Tones, Marbling Master by Artisan Tools.
  • Opinion: This look balances unique artistry with wearable simplicity, achieving an elegant, nature-inspired bright style.

Recreate this design by applying the green and pink polish in adjacent drops, swirling gently with a marbling tool, then sealing with a topcoat.

Pink Spark

A fiery spark ignites these bright pink nails, dusted with a golden shimmer that catches the light and the eye. It’s a design that’s both playful and classy, resonating with the warm glow of summer evenings.

Photo credit by: @nails.simonapatsch
  • Consumables: Hot pink polish, gold glitter polish, glossy topcoat.
  • Brands: Hot Pink Heat by Vibrant Varnish, Gold Dust Sprinkle by Glitter Galaxy.
  • Opinion: The bright pink serves as a perfect backdrop for the gold glitter, adding a touch of luxurious sparkle.

This look can be achieved by painting the nails with a vivid pink base, adding a touch of gold glitter, and finishing with a high-gloss topcoat for protection and extra shine.

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