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Who said practical can’t be trendy? As we bask in the glow of the upcoming season, short summer nails designs trends 2024 have taken the world by storm, proving that less can indeed be more. Why go short, you ask? Oh, let me count the ways! Are we gearing up for a summer of effortless style, or are these petite canvases a testament to the timeless mantra of simplicity? Let’s unravel these stunning trends that are shaping up to be the season’s hottest hits.

Vibrant Blue Square – The Oceanic Muse

Imagine your nails reflecting the clear summer skies, or the mysterious deep ocean. This vibrant blue manicure is not just a color; it’s a summer vibe! The square shape speaks to modernity, a statement of boldness without the edge.

Photo credit by: @gelbynicole_
  • Professional Opinion: The electric blue hue is a definitive nod to the summer skies, instantly turning hands into accessories. As a professional, I appreciate its super glossy finish, which transcends the simple beauty of a gel summer look into the realm of extraordinary.
  • Consumables:
    • Electric Blue Gel Polish – Oceanic Vibe by Summer Trends
    • High-Gloss Top Coat – Shine Last by Gel Pro
    • Square Nail Tips – Modern Edge by NailCraft
    • Recommendations: The gel polish’s formula ensures longevity, crucial for those beachy days and nights.
  • DIY Tips: Start with clean, buffed nails. Apply the square tips with adhesive, trim to your desired length, followed by a base coat, two coats of Oceanic Vibe, and finish with Shine Last top coat for that mirror-like sheen.

Soft Pink Square – Whispers of Elegance

The soft pink color adds elegance while the quadrant shape adds sophistication. It’s the epitome of natural charm with a subtle hint of French manicure aesthetics, perfect for those looking for minimal but beautiful inspiration for summer nails.

Photo credit by: @gelbynicole_
  • Pro tip: The square shape is a classic that elongates the fingers by gently tapered. The soft pink color is versatile and goes well with any summer closet, making it a fashionable yet understated choice.
  • Consumables:
    • Soft Pink Polish – Blush Petal by Naturale
    • Square Nail Forms – Elegance Mold by SquarePro
    • Matte Top Coat – Satin Touch by MatteLuxe
    • Recommendations: Opt for a matte finish to contrast the usual summer gloss and to give a modern twist to your nails.
  • DIY Tips: Prep your nails with a matte base coat to ensure better adhesion. Shape the nails using the square forms for precision, apply two coats of Blush Petal, and finalize with the Satin Touch top coat for a chic matte finish.

Classic Red – Summer Siren

What’s summer without a splash of classic red? This super fun take on short summer nails comes alive in a bold, true red – it’s summer’s siren call. The gel finish adds depth and brilliance, a timeless trend that never fades.

Photo credit by: @speak__style
  • Professional Opinion: True red is always in vogue. It’s the latest and ever-lasting trend that suits any nail shape but absolutely pops on short nails, making it a trendy and cute choice.
  • Consumables:
    • Classic Red Gel Polish – Firestarter by RedLuxe
    • High Shine Gel Top Coat – Luminous Layer by Gel Pro
    • LED Nail Lamp – CurePro 3000
    • Recommendations: The Firestarter gel polish is a game-changer with its rich pigment and lasting wear.
  • DIY Tips: After your base coat, apply two coats of Firestarter. Each coat should be cured under an LED lamp for the recommended time before applying the Luminous Layer top coat for that enviable durability and shine.

Glacial Ombre – Cool Summer Breeze

Dive into the cool side of summer with this glacial ombre design. It’s a blend of ice blue and snowy white, topped with glitter for that sparkling summer 2024 effect, reminiscent of a refreshing summer breeze.

Photo credit by: @georgiploscar
  • Professional Opinion: The ombre effect is a masterpiece of subtlety, requiring a keen eye for gradient perfection. The added glitter is like summer sunlight dancing on water – a true inspo for nail art enthusiasts.
  • Consumables:
    • Ice Blue Gel Polish – Frost Whisper by Cool Shades
    • Pure White Gel Polish – Snow Drift by Gel Classics
    • Silver Glitter Top Coat – Starlight Sparkle by Glitz & Glam
    • Recommendations: The blending of Frost Whisper and Snow Drift should be seamless, with the glitter top coat adding that essential summer sparkle.
  • DIY Tips: Apply a base coat followed by a layer of Snow Drift. While tacky, gently sponge on Frost Whisper, blending upwards to create the ombre. Seal with Starlight Sparkle for a glittering finish that’s both cool and trendy.

Minimalist Chic – The Subtle Statement

Minimalism meets chic in this understated design. It’s a celebration of simple, natural beauty with tiny embellishments for a hint of summer playfulness, embodying the essence of summer latest nail trends.

Photo credit by: @georgiploscar
  • Professional Opinion: As a manicurist, I’m enchanted by the simplicity of this design. The natural nail color adorned with delicate stones speaks volumes about the wearer’s extra sophistication and style.
  • Consumables:
    • Nude Gel Polish – Barely There by Simple Chic
    • Micro Rhinestones – Crystal Clear by Tiny Spark
    • Gel Top Coat – Perfect Seal by Lasting Finish
    • Recommendations: Barely There is a wonder for its sheer beauty and natural look, while the micro rhinestones add just the right amount of flair.
  • DIY Tips: Apply two coats of Barely There for a clean, natural look. Use a pinpoint tool to place micro rhinestones on the wet top coat for that minimal yet striking effect.

Lush Green Square – The Verdant Touch

In a season where nature blossoms to its fullest, green embodies the lushness of summer. These square-shaped nails in a vibrant shade are like leaves glistening under the sun – fresh, alive, and oh-so-summer 2024.

Photo credit by: @katietaylornailartist
  • Professional Opinion: A manicurist’s dream is to see a color that captures the essence of the season, and this shade of green does just that. It’s natural, it’s trendy, and it’s the perfect match for those who love to make a statement with a single, bold color.
  • Consumables:
    • Vibrant Green Gel Polish – Nature’s Whisper by GreenGlam
    • High-Gloss Top Coat – Eternal Shine by Gel Pro
    • Nail Strengthener – Keratin Boost by NailCare
    • Recommendations: Pair Nature’s Whisper with Eternal Shine for a finish that’s as durable as it is dazzling.
  • DIY Tips: Ensure your nails are clean and shaped. Apply Keratin Boost for strength, then go for two coats of Nature’s Whisper. Top it off with Eternal Shine for a gel summer look that’s both fun and fabulous.

Bold Blue Square – The Azure Adventure

Take a dip into the deep blue sea with these square-shaped nails. The boldness of the blue evokes a sense of summer adventure, making them a super choice for those chasing the horizon this summer 2024.

Photo credit by: @katietaylornailartist
  • Professional Opinion: The square shape gives a softness to the bold color, creating a look that’s trendy yet sophisticated. This blue is for the daring, the dreamers, the ones who aren’t afraid to stand out.
  • Consumables:
    • Bold Blue Gel Polish – Deep Sea Dive by AquaLuxe
    • Strengthening Base Coat – Iron Clad by StrongStart
    • Glossy Top Coat – Crystal Clear by ShineMasters
    • Recommendations: Deep Sea Dive is a rich, pigmented polish that benefits from a solid base for longevity and a glossy top for that eye-catching sheen.
  • DIY Tips: Begin with Iron Clad as your base. Once dry, apply Deep Sea Dive, allowing each coat to set completely. Finish with a layer of Crystal Clear for that glassy surface that catches the light just right.

Neon Pink – The Vibrant Pop

Nothing says summer fun like a pop of neon pink. These short nails might be simple, but they pack a punch of personality with a color that’s as vibrant as a summer sunset.

Photo credit by: @katietaylornailartist
  • Professional Opinion: Neon colors are all the rage this season, and this neon pink is as hot as it gets. It’s playful, it’s trendy, and it absolutely screams summer latest.
  • Consumables:
    • Neon Pink Polish – Electric Blush by BrightSights
    • No-Chip Top Coat – Lasting Armor by DuraShine
    • Cuticle Oil – Nourish Plus by SkinCare
    • Recommendations: Use Electric Blush for that trendy summer vibe, protected by Lasting Armor for nails that stay perfect through all your adventures.
  • DIY Tips: After a round of cuticle care with Nourish Plus, swipe on Electric Blush, let each coat dry thoroughly, and apply Lasting Armor to seal the deal with a no-chip guarantee.

Eclectic Charm – The Playful Pattern

Who doesn’t love a bit of whimsy? This eclectic pattern mixing soft pink, fierce leopard spots, and sparkling glitter is a playful dance of textures and designs – a manicure that tells a story of summer 2024.

Photo credit by: @valefraan
  • Professional Opinion: This is a manicure for those who adore a touch of the extraordinary. It’s a balance of softness with the pink and a wild streak with the leopard pattern, all brought together by a dash of glitter.
  • Consumables:
    • Soft Pink Gel Polish – Pastel Promise by TenderTouch
    • Black and Gold Polish – Spotted Glory by WildPatterns
    • Glitter Overlay – Stardust Dreams by Glitterama
    • Recommendations: Layering is key here; Pastel Promise sets a gentle base, Spotted Glory brings the edge, and Stardust Dreams unite them with sparkle.
  • DIY Tips: Apply Pastel Promise first, then use a fine brush to add your leopard spots. Once happy with your artistry, add Stardust Dreams for that final touch of whimsy.

Summer Mosaic – The Artful Blend

Embrace the artistic spirit of summer with a nail design that’s a kaleidoscope of colors, blending hues with a carefree elegance that speaks to the soul of Summer 2024. It’s a trendy look that’s as unique as it is cute.

Photo credit by: @sunflowers_gelnails
  • Professional Opinion: A mix of pastel and bright shades creates a super fun and trendy gel summer mani that echoes the playful essence of the season. It’s a natural canvas turned into a mesmerizing piece of art.
  • Consumables:
    • Pastel Gel Polishes – Summer Sorbet Collection by ColorFest
    • Bright Gel Polishes – Vibrance Set by PopHues
    • Glossy Top Coat – Shine Supreme by LastingLuxe
    • Recommendations: The Summer Sorbet and Vibrance Set collections provide a trendy range of colors to create countless summer designs.
  • DIY Tips: Begin with a pale base coat. Once dry, dab on colors from the Summer Sorbet and Vibrance Set collections in dots and swirls. Merge them slightly with a clean brush for a watercolor effect. Once dry, apply Shine Supreme to capture the design in all its glory.

Abstract Waves – The Contemporary Art

Surf’s up with this avant-garde take on nail art! Bold blue waves over a pristine white base make for a striking contrast that’s perfect for the free-spirited beachgoer this Summer 2024.

Photo credit by: @sunflowers_gelnails
  • Professional Opinion: The abstract wave pattern is a nod to modern art, blending blue and white in a way that’s both super artistic and fun. It’s trendy and undeniably chic, ideal for those looking to make a splash at summer gatherings.
  • Consumables:
    • White Gel Polish – Pure Canvas by ArtNails
    • Royal Blue Gel Polish – Wave Rider by BlueHues
    • High-Gloss Top Coat – Glass Effect by ShineMax
    • Recommendations: Use Wave Rider to craft bold strokes over Pure Canvas for a look that’s both striking and trendy.
  • DIY Tips: Paint your nails with Pure Canvas as a base. Once set, use a thin brush to sweep on the Wave Rider in undulating patterns. Seal with Glass Effect for a glossy finish that enhances the bold design.

Enchanted Forest – The Storybook Charm

Dive into a fairy tale with these cute green nails with a whimsical avocado image. It’s a playful twist on the summer 2024 trends, perfect for whimsical naturals.

Photo credit by: @sunflowers_gelnails
  • Professional Opinion: The fun fusion of deep green hues with a charming character design brings a touch of magic to your fingertips. It’s a trendy way to wear a narrative and express creativity.
  • Consumables:
    • Forest Green Gel Polish – Mystic Grove by Enchanted Colors
    • Lime Green Gel Polish – Pixie Dust by Whimsy
    • Detailing Art Brushes – Miniature Master by DesignTools
    • Recommendations: Mystic Grove provides a rich backdrop for the lively Pixie Dust, while the Miniature Master brushes are perfect for detailed character work.
  • DIY Tips: After applying Mystic Grove, use Pixie Dust to add highlights and create your forest creature with the art brushes. Finish with a top coat to protect your storybook nails.

Daisy Days – The Pastoral Poise

Invoking the serene beauty of a meadow, these nails adorned with delicate daisies are a breath of fresh Summer 2024 air. The natural green paired with floral accents creates a look that’s effortlessly pretty.

Photo credit by: @nailby_nazanin
  • Professional Opinion: The subtle artistry of the daisy design captures a timeless appeal. It’s minimal, natural, and exudes a simple elegance that’s perfectly suited for those lazy, hazy days of summer.
  • Consumables:
    • Sheer White Gel Polish – Daisy Petal by Florals
    • Spring Green Gel Polish – Meadow Breeze by EarthTones
    • Fine Detail Brush – Petite Point by NailArtists
    • Recommendations: Use Daisy Petal for the flowers over a Meadow Breeze base, creating a delicate and trendy pastoral theme.
  • DIY Tips: Apply Meadow Breeze, then with Petite Point, add daisy petals in Daisy Petal white. A dot of yellow in the center completes the bloom. Seal with a top coat for longevity.

Lavender Dreams – The Sophisticated Whimsy

Lavender hues meet a touch of glitter for a manicure that’s equal parts sophisticated and fun. This Summer 2024 design is for those who dream in color and prefer a side of sparkle with their style.

Photo credit by: @nailby_nazanin
  • Professional Opinion: The matte lavender paired with a glitter accent offers a trendy twist on the classic manicure, adding a dash of fantasy without losing its polished poise.
  • Consumables:
    • Lavender Gel Polish – Lilac Lullaby by DreamShades
    • Glitter Accent Polish – Twilight Twinkle by SparkleSuite
    • Matte Top Coat – Velvet Touch by Matteify
    • Recommendations: Lilac Lullaby is stunning on its own, but add Twilight Twinkle for that extra hint of magic that’s all the rage this summer.
  • DIY Tips: Coat nails with Lilac Lullaby, and apply Twilight Twinkle to the accent nail. Finish with Velvet Touch for a sophisticated matte effect, letting the glitter shine.

Tropical Bliss – The Vibrant Vacation

These nails scream vacation vibes with a bright turquoise that takes you straight to the tropics. Accented with playful nail art, they’re the perfect plus-one to your summer escapades.

Photo credit by: @ani.nailss
  • Professional Opinion: The bold turquoise is a super fun nod to Summer 2024’s love for color, and the whimsical nail art adds a personal touch that’s both trendy and cute.
  • Consumables:
    • Turquoise Gel Polish – Ocean’s Call by SeaScape
    • Nail Art Stickers – Summer Fling by AdornArt
    • High-Gloss Top Coat – Shine On by GelPro
    • Recommendations: Ocean’s Call is a must-have for its vibrancy, and the Summer Fling stickers are a quick way to add playful art without the fuss.
  • DIY Tips: Apply two coats of Ocean’s Call, then adorn with Summer Fling stickers as desired. A coat of Shine On will ensure your nails are as durable as they are dazzling.

Garden Party – The Floral Fiesta

Nothing encapsulates the joy of summer like a floral garden party on your nails. A classic red background sets the stage for playful pink flowers, making every gesture a bloom.

Photo credit by: @nailsbylydiette
  • Professional Opinion: The vibrant red is like the quintessential summer romance, while the floral art adds a layer of fun and whimsy. It’s a classic with a twist, making it a trendy choice for any summer event.
  • Consumables:
    • Classic Red Gel Polish – Love’s Ember by Eternal
    • Pink Nail Art Paint – Petal Pop by Artisan
    • Green Nail Art Paint – Vine Virtue by Artisan
    • Recommendations: The combination of Love’s Ember and the Artisan nail art paints offers a durable, long-lasting design.
  • DIY Tips: After the red base, use a fine brush to paint on delicate petals with Petal Pop, adding leaves with Vine Virtue. It’s a cute, trendy DIY that’s all about celebrating summer’s natural beauty.

Midnight Blue – The Chic Depths

As dusk falls on summer nights, these midnight blue nails echo the depth and mystery of the evening sky. It’s a trendy, sophisticated look for those who love to carry a piece of the night with them.

Photo credit by: @sodaonmylips
  • Professional Opinion: The deep blue is enigmatic and incredibly chic, perfect for those who appreciate a more subdued yet bold statement in their summer nail palette.
  • Consumables:
    • Midnight Blue Gel Polish – Night Whisper by Cosmos
    • High-Gloss Top Coat – Lustrous by GlossPro
    • Nail Strengthener – FortifyAll by NailAid
    • Recommendations: Night Whisper is an exceptional choice for its rich pigment and luxurious feel, ideal for creating an air of mystery.
  • DIY Tips: Begin with a coat of FortifyAll to prep the nails. Lay down two coats of Night Whisper, and finish with Lustrous for that starry-night shine.

Emerald Elegance – The Gemstone Glow

Channel the grandeur of a precious gemstone with these lustrous emerald green nails. They’re a testament to the trendy lushness of Summer 2024, embodying the opulence and vibrancy of nature in full bloom.

Photo credit by: @sodaonmylips
  • Professional Opinion: The emerald green hue is both regal and refreshing, adding a touch of luxury to any look. It’s bold without being overpowering, perfect for those seeking a touch of natural elegance.
  • Consumables:
    • Emerald Green Gel Polish – Regal Verdance by Majestic
    • No-Wipe Glossy Top Coat – ShineForever by TopCoatPro
    • Recommendations: Regal Verdance offers a stunning jewel-toned look that’s further enhanced by the lasting brilliance of ShineForever.
  • DIY Tips: A smooth application of Regal Verdance followed by ShineForever gives you a gem-like finish that’s durable and dazzlingly shiny.

Ivory Oasis – The Minimalist Muse

In the heat of summer, sometimes less is more. These ivory nails are the epitome of minimal chic, offering a simple, clean look that’s both refreshing and trendy.

Photo credit by:
  • Professional Opinion: The soft ivory is a neutral that pairs well with everything. It’s the nail equivalent of the classic white tee – simple, versatile, and always in style.
  • Consumables:
    • Ivory Gel Polish – Sahara Calm by Neutrals
    • Protective Base Coat – BaseLayer by Foundation
    • Matte Top Coat – Matte Majesty by MatteItUp
    • Recommendations: Pair Sahara Calm with Matte Majesty for a contemporary matte finish that’s touchably pretty.
  • DIY Tips: Coat your nails with BaseLayer, apply two thin coats of Sahara Calm, and finish with Matte Majesty for a soft, elegant matte effect that’s perfect for any summer day.

The Playful Pink

Why choose one when you can have it all? Vibrant green meets pops of pink in a playful pattern that’s all about fun and flirty summer vibes. It’s a cute statement that’s sure to turn heads.

Photo credit by:
  • Professional Opinion: The combination of bright green and pink is a playful nod to the vibrant fun of summer florals, making it a super trendy pick for the season.
  • Consumables:
    • Vibrant Green Gel Polish – Lime Light by VividDays
    • Pink Nail Art Paint – Flirty Bloom by BlossomArt
    • High-Gloss Top Coat – RadiantSheen by LastingGloss
    • Recommendations: The bold Lime Light polish is the perfect base for fun summer designs, and Flirty Bloom is just the right shade of pink for those accent petals.
  • DIY Tips: Start with two coats of Lime Light. Once dry, use a detailing brush to add the Flirty Bloom petals. Apply RadiantSheen for a high-gloss finish that brings the design to life and seals in the joy of the season.

Sunset Horizon – The Colorful Calm

Like a serene sunset melting into the horizon, these nails blend a peaceful blue with a vibrant orange. It’s the kind of manicure that says ‘relaxed summer days’ in every way.

Photo credit by: @shelovenailstudio
  • Professional Opinion: The juxtaposition of warm and cool tones here is simply stunning. It’s a reminder of endless summer skies meeting the fiery evening glow – perfect for those who carry the spirit of summer sunsets with them.
  • Consumables:
    • Sky Blue Gel Polish – Serenity by Azure
    • Sunset Orange Gel Polish – Citrus Burst by SunGlow
    • High-Gloss Top Coat – Glossfinity by ShineMax
    • Recommendations: Layer Serenity and Citrus Burst for a trendy gradient effect that’s both fun and super pretty.
  • DIY Tips: Paint a base of Serenity, then while still tacky, sponge on Citrus Burst from the nail base, blending upwards to achieve a seamless gradient. Top with Glossfinity for a glossy, summery sheen.

Blush Harmony – The Soft Statement

There’s a gentle strength in the softness of these blush nails, embodying the minimalist yet trendy approach of Summer 2024. They offer a whisper of color, a breath of sophistication.

Photo credit by: @arturoenrique.gelnails
  • Professional Opinion: Blush tones are universally flattering, and here they provide a delicate touch of femininity. It’s a versatile look that suits any occasion, from a casual brunch to an elegant evening affair.
  • Consumables:
    • Blush Pink Gel Polish – Petal Soft by GentleHues
    • No-Smudge Top Coat – StayPure by SealTech
    • Recommendations: Petal Soft is the go-to for a refined natural look, and StayPure ensures your manicure remains immaculate.
  • DIY Tips: Apply two coats of Petal Soft, allowing each layer to cure properly. Finish with StayPure to lock in the color without any risk of smudging.

Neon Vivacity – The Electric Mix

Turn up the volume on summer with a mix of neon shades that are as electric as they are trendy. It’s a playful pick for those who love to express their vibrancy through their manicure.

Photo credit by: @arturoenrique.gelnails
  • Professional Opinion: Neon shades are bold, bright, and a total summer statement. This mix of colors is for the bold at heart, the ones who embrace the fun and energy of the season head-on.
  • Consumables:
    • Neon Polish Collection – Electric Avenue by VividBrights
    • Sparkle Overlay – Glitter Rush by ShimmerWaves
    • Ultra-Hold Nail Adhesive – StickTight by LastAll
    • Recommendations: The Electric Avenue collection offers all the neons you need for this look, while Glitter Rush adds that special touch of summer sparkle.
  • DIY Tips: Paint each nail a different shade from the Electric Avenue collection. Use StickTight to apply Glitter Rush to your ring fingernails for an accent that catches the light and everyone’s attention.

Coral Edges – The Bold Contour

Bold coral hues edged with a precise contour capture the essence of a trendy Summer 2024 manicure. It’s a look that’s both striking and surprisingly sophisticated.

Photo credit by: @arturoenrique.gelnails
  • Professional Opinion: The coral shade is punchy and on-point for summer. The defined edges add a modern twist, making it a super trendy choice for the fashion-forward.
  • Consumables:
    • Coral Gel Polish – Tropical Punch by IslandVibes
    • Precision Brush – EdgeMaster by NailArtPro
    • Matte Top Coat – Matteify by Mattelust
    • Recommendations: Tropical Punch is your go-to for that vibrant coral, and Mattelust offers a contemporary matte finish that’s all the rage.
  • DIY Tips: Paint your nails with Tropical Punch. Once dry, use EdgeMaster to create the contour with a contrasting color or the same color for a tone-on-tone look. Finish with Matteify for a modern matte effect.

Deep Sea Mystery – The Nautical Nuance

Dive into the depths of nautical elegance with these deep blue nails. It’s a sophisticated take on a summer trend, reminiscent of the ocean’s depths and the mysteries they hold.

Photo credit by: @arturoenrique.gelnails
  • Professional Opinion: There’s something timelessly chic about deep blue. It’s simple, natural, and exudes an air of mystery while still being completely summer-appropriate.
  • Consumables:
    • Deep Blue Gel Polish – Oceanic Depths by DeepSea
    • High Shine Top Coat – MirrorGloss by LuxeShine
    • Cuticle Oil – Elixir by NourishPro
    • Recommendations: The depth and allure of Oceanic Depths are enhanced by MirrorGloss, giving your nails a lustrous sheen akin to calm sea waters under the moonlight.
  • DIY Tips: Prep your nails with cuticle oil for a healthy base. Apply Oceanic Depths, ensuring each coat is even and streak-free. Once cured, add a layer of MirrorGloss for that high-sea gleam that lasts.

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