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Ah, the sizzle of summer is almost upon us, and isn’t it thrilling to ponder which cute & easy summer hairstyles will be the rave in 2024? What will be the effortless chic look to sport at the beach or the snappy style for those spontaneous summer nights out? Each season brings its novelty, and this year is no exception, with trends catering to every length and texture. But what exactly makes a style both adorable and manageable in the summer heat? Whether you’re looking to embrace your natural curls, tie up those locks into a practical updo, or simply find a fresh cut that frames your face perfectly, this article is your guide. So, let’s dive into the world of summer hair, where comfort meets style, and every day is an opportunity to flaunt your unique tresses.

Effortless Elegance for Medium Locks

When the mercury rises, there’s nothing quite like medium hair with effortless waves to give you that breezy, beach-ready vibe. This style strikes a perfect balance between casual and elegant, making it an ideal choice for medium length hair that wants to make a statement without trying too hard.

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Who’s It For and Who’s It Not?

Perfect for the woman on the go, these waves are tailor-made for medium hair shoulder length, lending a soft, feminine touch that works beautifully with any summer outfit. If your hair is fine and straight, you might need a bit of extra product to keep those waves from wilting in the heat, but for those with a bit of natural curl, this style is a match made in heaven.

Tips for Care and Keeping

Keeping your waves looking super and maintaining the health of your medium hair is simple. A light sea salt spray can add texture without weight, and a moisturizing mask once a week, like the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Hair Mask, keeps your strands hydrated and luscious.

Stylist’s Insight

Imagine stepping out into the summer sun with your hair catching the light, shimmering with tones of caramel and honey. This look isn’t just about style; it’s about embracing the natural flow and movement of your hair, allowing each wave to dance freely as you move.

Chic Contrast for the Modern Woman

For those who adore a sharper, more defined look, this combination of sleek and volume speaks volumes. The playful contrast here is not just in the textures but also in the dual nature of serious and fun. Short hair is given a twist of intrigue with this style.

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Tailored to Taste

It’s a style that shines on those with an oval or long face shape, elevating short hair into something that stands out in a crowd. For those with rounder faces, the contrast might not complement as well, but fear not—there’s a world of styles waiting for you.

Caring for Your Cut

Short hair simple in maintenance, yet it’s all about the products. A volumizing mousse at the roots and a light serum on the ends can work wonders. Keeping it trimmed regularly is key to maintaining the sharp silhouette.

From the Stylist’s Chair

Picture yourself in a bustling café, your hair a statement of your dynamic approach to life. This style isn’t just a haircut; it’s an attitude, a bold stroke of self-expression.

Elegant Updo for Refined Flair

Updos are the quintessence of elegance, and this one is no exception. It’s a style that transcends time, perfect for summer weddings or upscale beach parties. The neat bun at the nape is the epitome of classic chic for long hair.

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Versatility at Its Best

This style suits a wide range of face shapes and is especially flattering for women with pronounced cheekbones. While ideal for those with long hair, it can be a challenge for shorter lengths without the help of extensions.

Maintaining the Updo’s Grace

To keep your updo pristine, a strong-hold hairspray is essential, and for added shine, a touch of glossing serum can elevate the sophistication. Regular deep conditioning treatments ensure your hair remains the perfect canvas for such styles.

The Stylist’s Whisper

An updo like this whispers confidence and grace. It’s a style that doesn’t shout but rather speaks in a refined tone, carrying an air of aristocracy that is always in vogue.

Bold and Blonde, A Statement of Summer

Blonde hair and summer have long had a love affair, and this bold statement of pale gold is no exception. This look is all about confidence and embracing the sun’s bright rays with a color that mirrors the summer light.

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The Perfect Candidate

This shade of blonde works wonders for fair to medium skin tones and is especially alluring for those with green or blue eyes. However, it may not be the most flattering for very warm skin tones, which could benefit from a richer, warmer hue.

Care for the Bold Blonde

Blonde hair may be quick to catch the eye, but it also requires careful attention to prevent brassiness. Purple shampoo and conditioner sets, like those from Sally Beauty, are crucial to keep the color cool and vibrant.

Insider’s Tip

Stepping out into the sun with this color isn’t just a style choice—it’s a declaration. This blonde is not for the faint of heart; it’s for the bold, the brave, and the ones who embody the spirit of summer.

A Touch of Sunlit Sophistication

There’s a certain magic to hair that looks kissed by the sun, and this style with its gentle ombre captures that essence beautifully. Medium hair is transformed with a gradient of color that’s both understated and mesmerizing.

Photo credit by: @blur.beautyspace

Who Will Shine in This Style

It’s a universally flattering look, excellent for all face shapes and particularly appealing for women who want to add dimension to their medium hair shoulder length without a drastic change.

Preserving the Sunlit Look

To maintain the subtle shifts in tone, use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, and consider a toner to keep the colors vibrant. Products with UV protection are also essential to prevent fading from sun exposure.

A Stylist’s Touch

This hairstyle is like the soft lullaby of summer evenings; it’s understated yet enchanting. It carries with it the casual grace of natural beauty, perfect for those summer strolls or quiet moments under the shade of an old oak tree.

Glamour Waves for a Dazzling Summer

Summer is the perfect stage for these glamour waves to take the spotlight. A blend of classic Hollywood with a modern twist, these voluminous waves for long hair exude sophistication for those special summer nights.

Photo credit by: @bondarenko_mua

A Match for the Limelight

Ideal for women with medium to long hair, this style adds a touch of drama suitable for a wide range of face shapes. While those with naturally straight hair may need some extra styling time, the results are nothing short of show-stopping.

Keeping the Glamour Alive

Maintaining such volume and shine requires a balance of nourishment and hold. A heat protectant is a must when styling, followed by a flexible hairspray that allows movement without sacrificing hold.

Behind the Velvet Rope

Stepping out with these waves makes every entrance a red-carpet moment. It’s more than a hairstyle; it’s a statement of elegance and confidence, a nod to the golden era of cinema with a decidedly contemporary edge.

Cascading Curls for Natural Wonder

For those blessed with natural curls, this summer calls for letting them loose. These cascading curls embody the free spirit of the season, perfect for the woman who carries her own ocean breeze wherever she goes.

Photo credit by: @bondarenko_mua

Curly and Free

This natural, curly hairstyle is a dream for those with medium to long hair looking for a quick and simple way to showcase their texture. It’s particularly flattering for round and heart-shaped faces that benefit from the volume on top.

Embracing the Bounce

Curly hair can be as unpredictable as a summer storm, so hydration is key. A curl-defining cream or mousse can enhance the shape, while regular deep conditioning treatments will keep them supple and frizz-free.

Whispers of the Stylist

Imagine your curls catching the sunlight, turning heads with their natural rhythm. This is not just a style; it’s an embrace of your hair’s innate character, letting it sing its own wild summer song.

Sleek Ponytail: The Epitome of Chic Simplicity

There’s a refined strength in a sleek ponytail. It’s one of those cute & easy summer hairstyles that transitions effortlessly from a day at the office to an evening by the pool, a testament to the versatility of long hair.

Photo credit by: @bondarenko_mua

Suited for Sophistication

The sleek ponytail is a superb option for women with medium to long hair, offering a polished look that works well with all face shapes. For those with short hair, this might be a look to aspire to as your locks grow.

Mastering the Sleek Look

To achieve this level of sleekness, start with a smoothing serum, and don’t shy away from a bit of gel to tame any flyaways. Securing the ponytail with a strong elastic will ensure it stays in place through all your summer activities.

Stylist’s Secret

This ponytail isn’t just a style; it’s a statement of intent. It speaks to a woman’s poise and control, a celebration of simplicity that stands out in the simplicity of its execution.

Braided Bun: Intricate Elegance

Braids bring a touch of artistry to any look, and this braided bun for medium hair is a masterpiece of design. It’s an updo that balances intricacy with the ease of a summer breeze, perfect for both casual and formal summer outings.

Photo credit by: @lauramichelleee

Who Wears It Best

This style is a favorite for those with medium hair shoulder length, looking for a summer updo that’s both stylish and functional. Its versatility means it suits most face shapes and is particularly endearing on older women who appreciate its elegance.

Crafting the Braided Creation

To keep this braided beauty intact, a stronghold hairspray and bobby pins are essential. For an added touch of summer, weave in some tiny flowers or ribbons that speak to the season’s vibrancy.

A Stylist’s Tale

There’s a story in every braid, a history of beauty that’s as old as time. This bun is not just a hairstyle; it’s a wearable narrative, a woven crown of personal history that you carry with you.

Chic Bob for the Urban Adventurer

The bob cut remains a timeless choice for short hair, and this summer, it’s all about the sleek, straight lines that define the face. This chic style is perfect for the modern woman who thrives on simplicity and elegance.

Photo credit by: @lauramichelleee

Bob: The Versatile Virtuoso

This bob is a match for practically any face shape, lending an air of sophistication to those with straight hair. It’s especially fetching on women in their 50s and 60s who are looking for a youthful, yet mature hairstyle that’s both easy to manage and stylish.

A Regimen for the Refined

To keep a bob this chic, a good heat protectant is essential before straightening. Products with keratin can help smooth the hair and give it that extra sleek look. And let’s not forget the importance of regular trims to maintain the impeccable shape.

The Stylist’s Vision

There’s something to be said for a cut that offers both freedom and style, and this bob is it. It’s like the essence of summer, distilled into a haircut that’s as ready for an urban jaunt as it is for a seaside escape.

Rose Gold Reverie

A delicate dusting of rose gold lends a dreamy allure to these soft waves. It’s a color that plays coyly with the light, perfect for medium hair that’s not afraid to flirt with a little summer romance.

Photo credit by: @thelatesthairstyle

A Canvas for Warm Tones

Best suited for those with a lighter complexion, this hue adds warmth and a fairy-tale-like charm. It may not be the go-to for those preferring natural tones, but it’s certainly a way to make a subtle yet impactful statement.

Caring for the Color

To keep this magical hue vibrant, opt for color-safe products and indulge in treatments that lock in color and moisturize. The sun can be harsh on dyed hair, so a leave-in conditioner with UV protection is a must.

From the Stylist’s Palette

This isn’t just a color; it’s a whisper of creativity, a brushstroke of personal expression that turns heads and starts conversations, all with an air of effortless summer grace.

Platinum Sleekness

For those embracing the bold side of summer, this platinum bob is a cut above. It’s a look that reflects the sun’s brilliance, capturing its rays in every strand of short, sleek hair.

Photo credit by: @sandrital.b

Shining on the Edge

This bold statement is a knockout for those with a confident, edgy style, particularly stunning on women with an angular jawline. Those with curly hair may find it a challenge, but the transformation is well worth the effort.

Platinum Care

Platinum is high-maintenance but with great rewards. A purple shampoo will keep the brass at bay, and a weekly deep-conditioning treatment is non-negotiable to keep your strands from going dry.

The Stylist’s Confession

There’s a fearless joy in this style. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being remembered, embodying the fierce side of summer where the nights are as bright as the days.

High Ponytail: The Ultimate Power Play

Summer brings the high ponytail into the realm of chic simplicity. It’s a statement piece, transforming long hair into a striking symbol of both power and playfulness.

Photo credit by: @b_salon_valentino

The Pinnacle of Style

A high ponytail like this one works best for women with thick, long hair, providing a canvas to showcase a commanding profile. For those with shorter or thinner hair, extensions can help achieve this statuesque look.

Maintaining the Majesty

Sleekness is key, and a smoothing brush along with a strong hold gel can keep everything in place. A mist of shine spray adds the final touch of glamor to this commanding style.

A Note from Behind the Scenes

This style is more than hair tied back; it’s an attitude, a way of carrying yourself with your head held high, ponytail swaying with each confident step you take under the summer sun.

Sculpted Low Ponytail

For those seeking a more subdued but equally stylish summer statement, the sculpted low ponytail for medium hair is the epitome of understated elegance.

Photo credit by: @mariia_gaidura

The Perfect Silhouette

This look is best suited for women who enjoy a polished appearance without too much fanfare. It’s a versatile style that flatters most face shapes and is a quick go-to for a busy summer day or a relaxed evening.

Secrets to Sleekness

Achieving this look is all in the preparation—using a smoothing brush to gather the hair and a bit of pomade to keep everything sleek and controlled. Remember, the devil is in the details, and a hair accessory can add that special touch.

Confidences from the Chair

This ponytail whispers sophistication. It’s the sort of style that speaks volumes of the wearer’s taste and character, all while maintaining a cool composure against the summer heat.

Glamorous Waves for Days

There’s a classic beauty in voluminous waves, and this style is a tribute to the timeless glamour that summer always brings back into vogue. These waves are perfect for long hair, ready to cascade down in a celebration of lush movement.

Photo credit by: @dinistile

Embodying Elegance

This style is particularly enchanting on women with a bit of length to their hair, lending itself to a variety of face shapes and exuding an aura of classic Hollywood charm.

Crafting the Waves

A good curling wand and a light touch of hairspray can help sculpt these waves, ensuring they hold their shape without losing their bounce. A nourishing hair oil can add the necessary gloss to make these waves truly captivating.

Reflections from the Mirror

Each curl in this style isn’t just a wave; it’s a nod to the timeless beauty icons of the past, updated for the modern woman. It’s the kind of look that requires a double-take, making every summer event feel like a gala.

Sky-High Bun: The Epitome of Chic Poise

Perched atop the head like a crown, the sky-high bun is not just a cute & easy summer hairstyle, it’s a statement of poise and confidence. It’s a perfect harmony of function and fashion, keeping you cool while looking effortlessly chic.

Photo credit by: @dinistile

Suited for Elegance

This look is best suited for those with medium to long hair who aren’t afraid to add a little drama to their summer wardrobe. It’s ideal for showcasing the grace of the neck and the angles of the face.

Care and Flair

The secret to a pristine bun lies in a strong foundation. A brush to smooth out any bumps and a hairspray to keep it all in place are essential. For those with finer hair, a bun maker can add the needed volume to achieve this lofty look.

Stylist’s Muse

A bun this high isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s like the top note in a harmonious symphony, the one that carries the melody and captures the essence of a summer’s day spent in the sun’s embrace.

Twist and Shout: The Modern Updo

This twisted low bun redefines what it means to look effortlessly put together. It’s the kind of updo that can carry you from a casual day out to an evening celebration without missing a beat.

Photo credit by: @luxury.studioo

A Style for Every Occasion

Perfect for medium to long hair, this style offers a universally flattering look. It brings out the elegance in simplicity and is an excellent option for those who prefer a more understated, yet undeniably stylish, summer hairdo.

Maintaining the Twist

To keep this style looking fresh, a bit of light-hold mousse can help maintain the structure without stiffness. Pinning it securely while allowing some natural movement gives this twist its charm.

The Stylist’s Perspective

This isn’t just another bun; it’s a modern twist on an age-old concept, bringing a breath of fresh air and a touch of class to any summer ensemble.

Braid for Days: A Journey in Style

This elaborate braid is a celebration of skill and style, a journey down the back that tells a story with every intertwined strand. It’s a braided marvel that showcases the beauty of long, lush hair.

Photo credit by: @ulana_hairstylist

Best Suited for the Creative Spirit

Ideal for those with lengthy locks, this braid is a canvas for creativity, equally suited for casual summer camps and elegant beach soirées. It’s a versatile look that can be dressed up or down.

Braided Bliss

Maintaining such a masterpiece requires patience and the right hair accessories—elastic bands to secure each section and a smoothing serum to add shine and reduce frizz.

From the Artisan’s Hands

Each section of this braid is like a chapter in a book, a part of a story that unfolds with grace and beauty. It’s a style that doesn’t just pass through summer; it makes a statement that lasts.

Softly Woven: The Casual Side of Elegance

The softly woven side braid combines the ease of a simple hairstyle with the refined touch of subtle sophistication. It’s a look that’s perfect for those summer days when you want to add a touch of elegance to your relaxed vibe.

Photo credit by: @ulana_hairstylist

Whom It’s For

This style shines on medium to long hair, adding a touch of whimsy to any summer outfit. It’s suited for a variety of face shapes, offering a feminine and romantic flair.

Woven Care

Keeping this braid looking effortless requires a touch of texturizing spray and maybe a few hidden pins to hold the braid in place. It’s all about looking carefree yet composed.

A Stylist’s Whisper

This braid isn’t just about weaving hair; it’s about weaving stories of summer adventures, of afternoons in the sun and evenings under the stars. It’s a style that speaks in soft tones of endless summers.

Cascading Elegance: The Flow of Summer

The cascading half-up, half-down style is a dance between restraint and freedom. The top is pulled back to showcase the face, while the waves flow down in an elegant cascade, a perfect representation of summer’s dual nature.

Photo credit by: @ulana_hairstylist

A Symphony of Styles

This hairstyle is a dream for those with medium to long hair, combining the practicality of an updo with the allure of flowing locks. It’s versatile enough to suit most face shapes and occasions.

The Secret to the Flow

A curling wand can help achieve these soft waves, and a light-hair spray will keep them in place without losing their natural bounce. For the half-up portion, a touch of pomade or wax can add definition and hold the style elegantly in place.

Whispers from the Styling Chair

This look is a celebration of balance, of the yin and yang of summer styles. It’s the choice for those who refuse to choose, for the woman who wants to be both bold and delicate, as changeable and vibrant as the summer itself.

Braided Charm

In this delicate dance of hair, a side braid weaves its way into soft waves, creating a symphony of strands that whispers tales of summer romance. It’s an enchanting medley perfect for medium hair that desires a touch of magic.

Photo credit by: @ulana_hairstylist

Who Wears It Best

With its gentle interlacing, this style flatters oval and heart-shaped faces, and the soft waves bring a relaxed vibe that’s suited for a summer concert under the stars or a sunset beach walk.

Caring for the Braid and Waves

A spritz of texturizing spray adds grip to the braid and definition to the waves. And don’t forget a serum to tame any frizz, ensuring each strand perfectly plays its part in this hairstyle harmony.

Stylist’s Note

This isn’t just a style; it’s wearable poetry. Each braid and wave is a verse, celebrating the season with every twist and turn.

Curly Confidence

This style is all about embracing the full potential of curly hair. The top half is neatly pulled back, allowing the curls to cascade freely down the back, a declaration of confidence and natural beauty.

Photo credit by: @alla_prichoski_uzh

Curly Hair’s Best Friend

It’s particularly stunning on women with voluminous natural curls, and while it’s quick and easy, it makes a bold statement. The pulled-back top accentuates the face, and the wild curls bring a fierce edge to the look.

Tips for Tending to Curls

A curl-defining cream helps keep the spirals tight and the frizz at bay. A light oil can add sheen to the curls, showcasing their depth and dimension.

From Your Stylist

Wearing your curls like this isn’t just a hairstyle choice; it’s an embrace of your natural texture, a celebration of individuality, and a sign of self-love.

Braids and Twists

This style takes braids and twists them into a creative updo, sprinkled with the unexpected. It’s a fresh take on traditional braiding, perfect for medium to long hair that’s up for a bit of fun.

Photo credit by: @alla_prichoski_uzh

A Canvas for Creativity

This playful updo is fantastic for those with thick hair that can hold a braid and twist well. It’s suited for nearly any face shape and brings a touch of whimsy to your summer look.

Crafting the Look

To achieve this creative concoction, use a firm-hold product to keep the braids in place. Incorporating fun accessories can also elevate the twists and turns to a work of art.

The Stylist’s Secrets

Each braid and twist tells a story, a narrative spun from your hair that shows off your artistic side. It’s a celebration of the inventive spirit, perfect for summer festivals and late-night concerts.

Chic Elegance in a Bun

This high bun is not just about gathering hair at the top; it’s a work of art, elevated to the zenith of chic. The smooth base rises to a textured bun, striking in its simplicity and statement.

Photo credit by: @savytska_beautystudio

Elevated Style for All

This style is a universal charmer, gracing all hair types with an air of sophistication. It elongates the neck and brings a focus to the profile, making it a hit for formal summer gatherings.

Keeping It Chic

The key to this bun’s elegance is smoothness and texture. Use a brush for a sleek base and a texturizing product to give the bun itself a multi-dimensional look.

A Whisper from the Stylist

This bun doesn’t just sit atop your head; it reigns supreme, a crown of your own making that commands respect and exudes grace.

Low Ponytail Elegance

Here, the ponytail takes on a softer side, tied low with a gentle twist, its waves cascading like a soft summer stream. It’s an easy, breezy style that exudes an air of nonchalant elegance.

Photo credit by: @kachalabka_live

Who’s It For

With its soft waves and understated twist, this ponytail is a perfect match for those with medium-length hair. It’s a look that says ‘effortless chic’ and works beautifully for an impromptu evening out.

Care for the Casual Twist

Maintaining this look is a breeze. A few bobby pins secure the twist, and a wave-enhancing spray gives life to the locks. It’s all about looking effortlessly put-together.

Reflections from the Styling Booth

This ponytail is the whisper of summer winds, a gentle reminder of the beauty in simplicity. It’s for the woman who moves through the world with ease and grace, her hairstyle a subtle nod to the quiet confidence she carries within her.

Twilight Swirl

As the sun sets, the Twilight Swirl comes alive—a low bun, artfully swept back and twirled into an enchanting swirl that captures the mysterious beauty of dusk. It’s a perfect updo that combines grace with a hint of evening drama.

Photo credit by: @elena.kovtun_studio

Who It’s For

This sophisticated style is a match for medium to long hair, lending a stunning silhouette to those with an oval or square face. It’s particularly bewitching for evening events, where the soft twilight enhances its allure.

Care and Styling Tips

A touch of light-hold mousse can add structure to the hair before twisting it into the bun, and a few well-placed pins ensure the style stays secure throughout the night. A shine spray will give the swirl an ethereal glow, reminiscent of the last light of day.

Stylist’s Musing

In every twist and turn of the Twilight Swirl, there’s a story of elegance waiting to be told. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement—a declaration of poised beauty as the day gives way to night.

Golden Hour Curl

Like the last rays of the setting sun, the Golden Hour Curl is a style that shines bright with soft waves gently cascading over one shoulder. It’s the embodiment of the fleeting beauty of the golden hour, brought to life in a hairstyle.

Photo credit by: @lviv_modelka

The Perfect Moment

Suitable for medium to long hair, this style is particularly flattering for those with warm undertones in their skin, echoing the golden light of the hour. Its asymmetrical nature adds a touch of modernity to its timeless grace.

Creating the Glow

To achieve these lustrous waves, use a large barrel curling iron, and don’t forget to protect your locks with a heat protectant. Once styled, a brush-through with a soft bristle brush can add that final, sumptuous smoothness.

From the Golden Hour

There’s a transient beauty to the Golden Hour Curl—it speaks of moments that are cherished and fleeting, of times when the world seems aglow with wonder. It’s a style that’s not just seen; it’s felt.

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